Bring life to your space through a connection to nature.

Specification Sheet

Revolutionary technology with a modern touch.

Revolutionary Design

Design Flexibility - The modularity of the system allows for the design process to be seamless and creative. Working with our design consultants to achieve your vision is simple in both a new build and retrofit situation.

Fully Automated - Water and lighting are fully automated regularly, ensuring no margin for error.

Sustainability - The system is soil-based with a watering schedule of 1 hour per week versus a hydroponic system that requires a pump to run at all hours of the day. 

Peace of mind

Plant Success - Due to the system being geoponic in nature, the margin for plant failure is much lower. Growing plants in the soil allows for natural drainage of the root system, soil-based nutrient uptake and insulation from the external environment conditions. 

Low Maintenance - Living walls require proper care to thrive over time. We build our walls with the long-term maintenance plan in mind. This begins with accessibility, water access, proper light levels and nutrient requirements. Our environmental scientist will be on-site to maintain the walls when required and thereby will be part of the proper plant selection and planting design at the onset of the project

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